Revelation Revisited

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Whatever else we may think about the book of Revelation, one fact cannot be denied.  It is “a revelation of Jesus Christ”.  The Greek and English allow for two possible meanings:  Is it a revelation by Jesus, or is it a revelation about Jesus?  Thankfully, both are true.  Given by Jesus to John, it is the special story of how Jesus will bring his church through earth’s last days.

Can we reasonably even hope to understand this book?

Jesus....   The Star of the Story

From the dawn of man’s first day in Eden, to the restoration of all creation, the Sabbath shines as God’s benedictory blessing over Mankind.  The centrality of the Sabbath in Revelation shows God’s continuing care for his Creation.  

The Creator’s benediction for Man…

The Sabbath in Revelation

Like it or not, you have preconceptions about the book of Revelation.  Whether you have studied it in depth, read a popular book about it, or just heard about it from others, you have picked up some ideas from one of these four schools of thought.  

Where your preconceptions come from...

Four Schools, Four Views

Jesus is in charge!  He alone is found worthy to break the seals to usher in the Apocalypse!  

Trumpets blown by angels?  What unfolds as they sound out their warnings?

God repays Babylon with the pouring out of 7 bowls filled with his wrath!  Can you be safe?

The Prophetic Uncertainty Principle

The Use of Ellen White in this Study

Multiple Fulfillments of Prophecy

The Four Major Schools of Prophetic Interpretation

That’s a fair question.  After all, this book has been interpreted and reinterpreted hundreds of times by thousands of scholars throughout the past nineteen centuries.  If they got it wrong, what is the chance that we can make headway with its puzzles?  Is it even worth the effort?

Yes, we accept that Ellen White had a prophetic mission.  But in this study the use of her writing is deliberately and carefully restricted.  Why?  Because that’s exactly the way Ellen White would have wanted it!

The ground-rules used in this study in regard to Ellen White

What about Ellen White?

The Sabbath in Revelation

Great Scenes of Revelation

The prophet Isaiah, speaking on God’s behalf, points out that PROPHECY ITSELF is one of the great proofs that God exists - that He can see the future.  But from man’s point of view, prophecy can be somewhat slippery!      

Multiple Fulfillments of Prophecy

Can a prophecy validly point to more than one event?

Infallibility is for God alone.  So it is more than likely that we (by virtue of not being God) make mistakes in this study.  But there are also Biblical reasons to believe that we cannot understand all of the end-time prophecies at this time!

You are about to enter an infallibility-free zone.

Why we are certainly wrong about something!

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Preterist   Historicist   Futurist  Idealist

Perfection restored!  Death destroyed!  Eternal life with God himself!  

Why Study Revelation?

How you look at the Seven Churches of Revelation largely depends on whether or not you were raised a Historicist!  But there are significant clues within the story of Revelation to show us how we should understand these messages.

Where does Revelations’ prophecy begin?  

Are the 7 Churches Prophetic, or just loving counsel?

Are the Seven Churches of Revelation Prophetic?