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By-and-large, the modern world considers the return of Jesus Christ to the earth as no more than a fairy tale - a nice story that you might tell your children to bolster their view that everything will work out in the long run.  It is not seriously considered as actual, objective truth.  He is not widely expected to break into our reality and change the entire course of human history.  Instead, if he is thought of at all, he is only remembered as a figure in history.  

The early Christian church would be aghast at this condition!  Within their ranks were men and women who had known Jesus personally - who had walked with him, talked with him, taken meals with him, and had personally observed the grace and love that flowed through him.  They had seen his mighty miracles and knew that he was the Son of God.  They had seen him die, and had personally seen that death was unable to hold him.  

They also had seen him as he actually rose up from the ground, as if he were floating upward in a pool of air, and disappeared into a cloud.  As they were staring upward, trying to catch a final glimpse of him, they were startled by a voice quite near them, "Why are you men from Galilee standing here and looking up into the sky? Jesus has been taken to heaven. But he will come back in the same way that you have seen him go."

"HE'S GOING TO COME BACK!"  That truth - that cry - that expectation - is etched into the entirety of the New Testament.  It is the reason for sober and righteous living, the driving force behind evangelism, it is the focal point of their most distant view.  JESUS IS COMING BACK!

For those who think that a delay of two thousand years can dim this hope any more than two days

“This same Jesus will return, as you have seen Him go into heaven”

Unabashedly Adventists

Who are we?

Who is Revelation Revisited?

What is our relationship to the Seventh-day Adventist Church?

could, the question must be posed; why should we think that "time" has any effect whatsoever on a promise made by God?  Are the promises of God made of sandstone that is eroded by the splashing waves of time?  Are they less substantial today than yesterday?  NO!  The God that made time and space - that formed the entire fabric that we call "reality" - has made a promise.  The God to whom the future and past are both as "present" as this very moment is to us has told us what will happen.  From the moment God uttered that promise He could already see the reality of its fulfillment.  This event - the return of Jesus to this earth - is going to happen - and God has always known exactly when.  (Acts 1:7)  

At the core of the Christian faith are a series of jaw-dropping mysteries - events so astonishing that they are either the most profound truths ever revealed to man, or utter garbage.  They must be one or the other.  These mysteries stand or fall together.  They are either all true, or all false.

This list can be added to, but it cannot be subtracted from.  Why would Jesus have become man if not for the purpose of redeeming us by his sacrifice?  Why would Jesus promise that he was going to prepare a place for us, but not return?  The entire series of events make no sense if not completed!

We believe in the soon return of Jesus, and want to share that conviction with you.

Revelation Revisited is a small group of Seventh-day Adventist laymen that have been studying the prophecies of the Book of Revelation for many years.

Our study has convinced us that the primary prophecies of Revelation - the Seals, Trumpets and Plagues - are yet ahead of us.  We believe that this view is consistent with the teachings of Jesus, with the overall eschatology of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and that it agrees with many of the elements shown to Ellen White in her visions.  

Since the 1990’s we have conducted in-home seminars and Bible studies in the Northwest, where we all live and work.  

As individuals, we are all members of the church, and most of us hold some office within our local congregations.  

Revelation Revisited, however, is not in any way connected to the church.  

Are we an “offshoot”?

No.  We are not (and have no intention of being) an independent, competing organization or church.

While our view of the prophecies of Revelation differ from the traditional view of the church, it is our desire to influence that discussion from within the church - not from without.