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A simple policy doesn't require a lawyer to write, or a scholar to understand.  Our simple promise to you is:

  1. While we do collect statistical information on the number of visits we receive to our site, we make no effort to collect or store any information on those who drop in.  You can come and go from this site anonymously.  
  2. If you send us a message or place an order from our site, the information you give us is retained as part of our business records.  However - and this is a promise - we will not share any of that information with anyone not directly involved with answering your inquiry or processing your order.  
  3. We will never collect and sell your information to any other person or organization.
  4. We will not use your visit to our site as an excuse to contact you.  You will not be solicited by us for any reason just because you were interested in the views and information you found here.
  5. Only if you sign up for e-mails from us will we contact you - and we will promptly remove you from our e-mail distribution if you request.

Pretty simple, isn't it?   

A policy of basic trust

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